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Short Inseam Jeans FAQ

This page is here to answer the most common questions on jeans for men - specifically short men. Jeans can be the most durable, comfortable, and versatile items in a man's wardrobe so make sure you know how they're supposed to fit, look, and pair with the rest of your clothing items and shoes. Finally, keep an eye out for outfit ideas/inspiration featured throughout the page!

What are the best jeans for short guys?

The best jeans for short men are firstly going to be made in shorter inseam lengths to accommodate shorter legs! Most major companies’ shortest size in jeans and pants for men is 30” which is simply too long for a lot of guys on the shorter side. Jeans from Under 510 come in 25” inseams, 26” inseams, 27” inseams, and 28” inseams so short guys can get a pair that fits their legs perfectly without having to spend time and money on shortening them.

Additionally, the best jeans for short men are going to come in a slim fit that has a tapered leg from the knee down. Slim tapered jeans are the best jeans for short men because they make us look taller, and leaner. Straight fit jeans on the other hand make shorter guys look shorter and wider.

The rise of jeans for short guys is also a crucial detail in making the best fitting jeans for short men. The rise is the distance from the button on the waistband to the center seam at the bottom of the crotch. If the rise is too high (or long), it will make your torso look very short and your legs disproportionately long. However, if the rise is too low (or short), it will make your torso look larger and your legs look shorter. The perfect jeans for short men have a mid rise that balances out the legs and torso.

Jeans from Under 510 are the best jeans for short men because they have short inseams to fit shorter legs, a slim fit with a taper from the knee down that gives a more streamlined look, and a mid rise that keeps gives you a balanced look.


Tip: To shop for men's jeans by height, check out our Shop By Height page.

Where can I buy jeans for short guys?

Most major retailers simply neglect and exclude jeans sizes necessary to fit shorter men. The shortest men’s jeans length you can buy at typical men’s clothing stores is 30” and that is simply too long for a whole lot of guys. The average height in America is 5’10” yet men below under 5 feet 10 inches tall almost always need an inseam below 30”. That is why we started Under 510 - to be the go-to clothing store for short men who need jeans in shorter inseams. We carry lengths from 25-28 inches so short guys can rejoice in their jeans for once!

Do men's jeans come in 28 length?

Yes! Under 510 carries jeans for short men in 28 inch inseams. But that's not all we make. We make jeans in 25" through 28" inseams so if you struggle to find jeans that fit at the perfect length from mainstream retailers, we have you covered. Our jeans come in a modern slim tapered, or skinny fit that makes short men look taller instead of wider and shorter. It's a shame that shorter guys have had such a hard time finding clothes that fit, and have had to pay a premium price to have jeans that fit. Our goal is to make clothes that fit perfectly but also cost the same as other traditional retailers found in malls across America. We have got you covered!

What is a short Inseam?

The inseam on jeans is in simple terms, the length of the leg. More specifically, the inseam is the length of the leg from the center seam at the bottom of the crotch, to the bottom of the hem. Most clothing brands offer inseams in 30", 32", and 34". But, those lengths are only really made to fit half of the population of men in America! Men below average height (which is 5' 10" short inseams below 30"). That's why we make jeans in inseams starting at 25" and up to 28". For shorter guys who are below average height, our shorter inseams will fit you properly.

How Should Men's Jeans Fit in Length?

The length of your jeans all depends on your personal style- there is no objective right or wrong. Some guys like their jeans to fit cropped (so as to show off their sneakers), some like them to rest on the top of their shoe with no break, and others like to stack their jeans and have a few inches extra fabric over their shoes. Some men might like to cuff their jeans and therefore buy a length two inches longer than normal.

However, most guys want their jeans to rest on their sneakers, shoes or boots with a slight break. This prevents the jeans from riding up when you sit down, but still shows off your shoes without swallowing them. For shorter guys, getting the proper inseam length is even more important than for taller guys. If a short man has bunching at the hem, it will make him look shorter because it appears he doesn’t fit properly in his pants because of his shortened stature. For tips on how to measure your inseam, check out our Sizing Page, or watch this video on how to find your proper inseam length. If you want to shop by your height, check out our Shop By Height page.

Should I buy jeans tight or loose?

Although it really depends on your personal style and taste, generally guys should generally go for jeans on the tighter side for a few reasons.

Firstly, slim or skinny jeans are in style and will give you a more streamlined and modern look. Secondly, most jeans will stretch as you wear them and break them in. This is especially true for shorter men. Slimmer jeans will give you a taller appearance by giving you a masculine V shaped silhouette whereas baggy/loose jeans will give you a wider appearance. Additionally, jeans from Under 510 all have a ton of stretch and will feel extremely comfortable even with a slimmer fit.

Guys might be hesitant to make the switch to skinny jeans because they are more comfortable in baggy jeans, but when your jeans are super stretchy, they will feel more like sweatpants than they do crunchy rigid jeans. Check out our Bruce jeans for a classic jean with a hint of stretch or our Xavier jean for a ton of stretch!

Should you buy jeans a size bigger?

Unless a brand indicates that their jeans run tight on the waist, you should order your normal waist size in jeans. This is because even if the jeans feel a bit snug on the waist, they will likely stretch as you wear them. One unique property of denim is that it will stretch and mold to your body as you wear them. Unlike other fabrics that will lose their shape, denim’s weave is strong and resilient so it keeps its shape. This is especially true for stretch denim which has additional recovery due to the elastane content.

What do you do if your jeans are too long?

If your jeans are too long, it means you have the wrong size inseam. Ideally, you want your jeans to rest gently on the top of your shoes or boots, so make sure to get a length that allows for little to no break at the hem. Unfortunately, most clothing stores offer size 30 as their shortest inseam length. Under 510 makes jeans starting at 25 inches for us guys who need something shorter than 30” in length.

If your jeans are too long, you can do two things: Firstly, you can roll the jeans up at the hem. Simply flip the cuff up one inch, and then continue to roll to your desired length. Secondly, you can bring your jeans to a tailor and ask for him/her to shorten the jeans. This alteration is commonly referred to as “a hem” in the tailoring world. Of course, hemming your jeans is time consuming and costly, so we recommend buying from Under 510 so you can skip the tailor tax!

Should men roll up jeans?

Rolling up your jeans is a personal style choice - some men like the contrasting look of the cuff against the rest of their jeans. Additionally, rolling up your jeans can help you show off your shoes if your jeans are a bit too long on you. When your jeans are shorter, they highlight your sneakers more since they draw the eye down to your footwear.

If you are cuffing or rolling up your jeans because they are too long on you, but prefer the look of jeans without a cuff, consider getting the right inseam length. Since we offer inseams starting at 25” and include 26”, 27”, and 28”, you can now buy a size that fits correctly in the leg! This is great for shorter guys who want a pair of jeans that isn’t too long on them.

What type of jeans are in style 2024?

Most people will agree that jeans with a tapered fit are the most stylish jeans of 2024. A tapered fit jean is one that gets narrow from the knee down. The tapered leg should follow the natural shape of your body - think about how your legs gradually get thinner as they go from thigh, to knee, to ankle. Your jeans should follow that same pattern.

For shorter men, the tapered look is especially important when styling your jeans because it gives a taller appearance. Compared to baggy jeans that give your lower body a wider appearance, a tapered leg will elongate your profile. Additionally, skinny leg jeans will also make men look slimmer as it gives a narrow appearance to your body compared to loose fitting jeans that give a wider appearance. To learn more about making the switch to tapered fit jeans, read our blog post about Why Short Guy Should be Wearing Skinny Jeans.

What is the shortest inseam for men's jeans?

25 inches

Our jeans for short men are designed for inseams at 25” in length - but our selection of sizes includes 26, 27, and 28 inches too! We make the best jeans for shorter guys so you don’t have to cuff or roll up your jeans anymore. With our affordable pricing and free shipping (on US orders of $150) and returns everyday, we are a lot more convenient and affordable than going to the tailor.

Where should men's skinny jeans end?

Make sure your skinny jeans are the right length. For men, skinny jeans should ideally display your footwear prominently. As opposed to looser fitting jeans that swallow your shoes, skinny fit jeans have a narrow leg opening that proudly displays your footwear. Therefore, your jeans should end right at the top of your shoes or sneakers with little or no break (bunching) around the ankle. What’s great about skinny jeans is that you can easily wear dress shoes with them in addition to sneakers and boots. If you’re a shorter guy who is below average height, our skinny jeans will fit you perfectly since we carry inseam sizes from 28 inches, all the way down to 25 inches. These are perfect length sizes for men below 5 feet 10 inches tall.

Is jeans length the same as inseam?

The inseam refers to the length of the leg of the jeans from the center seam at the bottom of the crotch, down to the ankle. This inseam is what’s used in the length size for jeans. Do not confuse the inseam for the outseam, which is the length of the jeans from the top of the waistband to the ankle.

Which waist size should I buy for men’s jeans?

Your waist size is the measurement of the circumference of the waist of your jeans. But be careful - simply measuring around your waist will NOT give you the proper waist size for your jeans. Brands use something called “vanity sizing” which basically means they lower the waist size from your actual waist measurement to make you feel thinner. Confusing, we know. But getting your size is simple. Wrap a measuring tape gently around your waist, where you wear your pants. Subtract 4 inches from the measurement and voila! You have your jeans waist size. For example, if you measure 36 inches around your waistline, you are going to be a 32 in our jeans.

As always, we love to hear from our community of short guys! If you have any comments or suggestions for what you want us to make in all things jeans for shorter guys. Please contact us at or via our website live chat.