No More Tools! Top 15 Father’s Day Gift Items for Short Men - 2020 List

Finding gifts for Dad has always been a difficult task. Most of us resolve to buying tools, electronics, alcohol, or underwear for Dad since we just don’t know what else to get for him! We try to think of gifts he would actually appreciate and get some use out of - even though most Dads are happy with anything they get. Here, we put together a list of our favorite not-too-generic gifts for Dads out there in 2020 that he will actually use and enjoy! 

Without further ado, here is our list of top 15 gifts for Dad and we’ll include some of our favorite clothes from Under 510 that Dad will love for this summer - and they’re on sale so get them now! Of course, this guide will also be applicable to any Dad, Grandfather, Brother, Husband, Boyfriend, friend, boy, man, adolescent, teen, in your life who is celebrating a birthday or holiday any time soon! 


1) All Birds - $95 - This sneaker brand is taking the world by storm. Everyone seems to be wearing them, and they're popping up in all types of environments and situations. You can spot them at the bar, at the office, in the gym, or on the track field and they look good and perform even better. The natural wool uppers wick away moisture and keep your feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer while the natural antimicrobial properties keep them from getting stinky. Plus All Birds are bio degradable and good for the environment. They're reasonably priced and Dad will absolutely love a pair! 


2) Massager - Brookstone - $200 - Another failproof gift for Dad is a massage of any sort. After all, mowing, hammering, chopping, and taking our the trash really takes a toll on a Dad-Bod! You can go anywhere from a neck massager to a full body massage chair. Here is a reasonably priced foot and calf massager from Brookstone on Bed Bath & Beyond's site. I have personally tried this massager in the Brookstone store in the mall (when malls were still open!) and can attest to the extreme relaxation derived from this one. Don't forget to use their never expiring 20% off coupons! 


3) Darn Tough Socks - $23 - Now I know what you're thinking; socks? Really? Yes really. Most people just don't understand the kind of impact socks can have on a working man, or the outdoorsman in your life. These socks aren't cheap and nor should they be. They are made with ultra high quality merino wool and woven into a super dense fabric. They last forever, won't get a rancid smell, and will retain their shape (as long as you don't put them in the dryer). The best part? They have a lifetime guarantee - so if Dad somehow makes another whole in his socks, they'll be able to send you another pair free of charge! 


4)Lamborghini LEGO Set - $379 - LEGO is for kids. But it's also for adults. Definitely for adults. LEGO sets have become a hot item, riding the backs of their hit TV show LEGO Masters hosted by Will Arnett and there is none cooler on the market right now than the Lamborghini Sian FKP 3. It has a sick electric green color, working pistons, and 3696 pieces. The build is massive and will proudly take its place on Dad’s mantal for years to come. LEGO has tons of builds covering popular film and comic book universes and this mega awesome collector’s edition LEGO Millenium Falcon from Star Wars will please even the snobbiest of Star Wars fans.


5) Nescafe Coffee & Espresso Maker- $185 - Now this gift is always a slam dunk for those who don’t already have one. Since every Dad needs his coffee, you might as well get him the best brewer on the market. This instant brewer makes terrific coffee that is miles ahead in taste than its competitors. They make a few different models so make sure to get one that fits your budget. 


6)Oculus Quest- $399 -The world of gaming and immersive video has taken a massive leap in recent years and the Oculus Quest is leading the pack. The wireless headset and goggles are joined by two handheld controllers. You can download games from their game center and create an in game boundary for yourself so you don’t knock into your real world surroundings! Even if your Dad isn’t a gamer, you can find a lot of uses for the Oculus like movies and google earth. 


7)Bertello Pizza Oven - $300 - As seen on ABC’s Shark Tank, this portable oven is perfect for making authentic Italian style pizza, at home and for a reasonable price. Powered by gas, wood, or charcoal, you can make your pizza your way. If your Dad likes to man the grill (he obviously does), then this Bertello Pizza Oven is the logical complement to Dad’s affinity for fireside foodmakers. 


8) Bespoke Post- This subscription service has perfected the art of the monthly gift box business model. Each month, Bespoke Post has up to 10 different gift sets that include knives, alcohol sets, weekender bags, pipes, and other Dad friendly items that come to you at a great low price of $45. There are no commitments, and you can cancel the subscription at any time. They also allow you to see options for each month’s box and choose which one you want. Plus, if you aren’t ecstatic about any of them, you can skip that month’s box. Trust me, this is one subscription service Dad will love because they bring you the types of items you didn’t know you needed! 


9) YETI Cooler - $200 - Every Dad likes to be in charge of what goes into the cooler when the family embarks on your seasonal camping trips. So isn’t it worth getting him the most recognizable cooler brand on the market? This YETI cooler is hefty and can carry up to 18 cans of beer. It will last a lifetime and handle anything from road trips to fishing excursions. This is the kind of gift that is a no brainer and a sure winner in any Dad’s book. 


10)Meat Smoker - $189 -  As we said earlier, Dads love manning the grill. Like, a lot. "Stay away from the grill, I’ll tell you when the dogs are ready.” How many times have we heard hat one before? Along with the Bertello pizza over another slam-dunk gift for Dad’s outdoor cookouts. Dad probably loves smoked meats more than the smell of a freshly cut lawn, which is saying a lot. So why not get him a tool he can spend an entire sunday using to slow cook his rib roast in while infusing it with smoky, delicious flavor? 


11) Casio G-Shock Watch - $90 - Watches are usually a tough gift because guys can be particular about the kinds of watches they like. Lucky, the Casio G-Shock series is a fan favorite among dudes everywhere. Due to its utilitarian design, the G-Shock has been worn by military personnel for its reliable and tough build quality. Plus, they’re extremely affordable and come in a bunch of different styles and colors. 


12) Persol Sunglasses - Similarly, it can be hard to get a pair of sunglasses that Dad will actually like and wear on a regular basis. But Persol has been making high quality, Dad approved shades since 1917, and most of their designs are derived from timeless pilot and sport car driver’s designs. They’re masculine, time tested, and fashionable, so you will have an easy time finding frames Dad will wear and look good in! 


13) Tile Stickers - $50 (sale price) - Just say it as it is; Dad has developed a tendency to misplace his keys, phone, wallet, and of course, the TV remote. Luckily, Tile has a great product for those who easily misplace things - a tiny, quarter-sized sticker that attaches to all your gadgets and gizmos with an adhesive backing. Easily connected to your phone via bluetooth, simply ring the  sticker through the Tile app and find the item within 150 feet. Pretty neat! 


14)Blink Security Camera - $380 for 5 camera set - This Amazon owned company makes some pretty outstanding little security cameras that can be easily connected to your internet, and accessed through your phone at any time and anywhere. They can also be mounted in discrete areas and programmed to be motion activated. It shoots in 1080p HD video and has 2-way sound and doesn't require those nosy monthly subscriptions. If there’s one thing Dad will love, it's a security camera that he can spend hours watching while he waits for the sun to rise.

15) Under 510 clothing for shorter men : Our Dad approved collection - Now sometimes, if we’re feeling cheeky, we may attempt to get Dad some article of clothing to replace whatever he’s been wearing nonstop since the early 90’s.Unfortunately, Dad usually says thank you, puts the new shirt in his closet, and proceeds to wear the same one he’s been milking since college.

But here is some good news: if your Dad is on the shorter side, say under 5 feet 10 inches, we have the perfect Father’s Day gifts for him! We largely started Under 510 for the shorter Dads out there who don’t know how to dress themselves properly. In all honesty, we were a few of them! Slouchy “Dad Jeans” have been giving fathers a bad name for too long. We set out to change things for shorter men everywhere and yes that includes your stubborn Dad! All our our pants come in shorter inseam sizes for men than you can find anywhere else.

Jon Dress Pant(2 for $120/3+ for $50 each) - For the first time ever, we’re putting our Jon dress pants on sale! Both in honor of all the great Dads out there- but also because we’ve taken on the responsibility of making sure Dad doesn’t dress like it's still the 90’s! Dad will LOVE the Jon dress pants because they look professional and sleek, but are outrageously comfortable. They’re the kind of pants he’ll be wearing every day of the week and to every occasion - but he’ll be looking fresher than ever!

Jeans(2 for $80) - Unfortunately too many men out there have succumbed to the term “Dad jeans” and frankly we’re sick and tired of it. Our jeans have a slim tapered fit that will make Dad look younger, slimmer and a whole lot taller than his baggy old blue jeans. All of our jeans feature stretch so he will be amazed by the comfort - try our Kingston jeans for an Xtreme stretch fabric, or the Bruce for a jean with a classic feel.


Button Downs Shirts (2 for $60) - Complete Dad’s new slimmer, updated, look with a modern fitting button down shirt. Our shirts are cut shorter with shorter sleeves so Dad won’t look like a balloon anymore. Try some of our classic untucked shirts for men casual button downs which include classic oxford cloth buttons downs, or some of our classic gingham checks. They’re all smartly tailored to fit the shorter Dad perfectly! Our new collection of dress shirts will please even the snobbiest of Dads. Our twills are luxurious and smooth and come in timeless blue and whites. Or, try our lightweight stretch poplin shirts that have extra flexibility for those who need it!


As always, Under 510 is here to supply the jeans, chinos, shirts, and more for short men. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to reach out to us at - we want to hear from you! Let us know what problems you face with your clothing as a shorter guy and what we can do to help!

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