How to Style Joggers So They Don’t Look like At-Home Sweats

How to Style Joggers So They Don’t Look like At-Home Sweats

How to Style Joggers So They Don’t Look like At-Home Sweats

Let’s talk joggers! Compared to other styles of pants for men, they’re relatively trendy and have really grown in popularity in recent years. At first, a lot of guys were apprehensive about trying out this novel item (like when short-shorts came back into fashion). But by now, they're a staple in just about every closet.

Joggers became popular in loungewear and athleisure apparel for their ease of styling and comfortable materials. But, we’re seeing guys wear them more regularly, that is, outside the gym and off the couch. Most guys love the versatility and flexibility that joggers bring to the table.

Unfortunately, finding joggers for short men is just about impossible since we need shorter inseams that simply aren't offered from most major retailers. To make matters worse, you can't get joggers hemmed as easily as you can a simple pair of pants due to the elastic cuff. But fear not, Under 510 offers joggers in shorter inseams (both 24" inches and 26" inches) so you can finally get a pair that fits perfectly.

In this guide, we’re going to give you some jogger styling tips featuring our newest release: the Fusion Twill Joggers.

Joggers are now a wardrobe essential for men of all heights

What are Joggers?

Before we truly jump in, let’s look at the DNA of a jogger and what classifies certain pants as joggers.

Their defining characteristic is the cropped and cinched ankle. Joggers generally taper down the inseam to finish off with a structured cuff. Most joggers feature an elastic waist although that isn't always the case (it is with ours though).

Typically, they'll be constructed in softer, stretchier fabrics since they'll be used as sweats or for working out. But we’re seeing more and more of them in denim and chino fabrics as well, since guys are looking to dress up joggers to the point where they can easily be worn to the office or on date night.

They’ve become a go-to casual item because of that slimming structure and easy-to-wear style.

Joggers are classified by comfortable fabric, an elasticized waistband, and cinched cuffs.

Why Do You Need Joggers That Are Nicer Than Sweatpants?

Well, because a pair of joggers that isn’t just a pair sweatpants gives you more versatility in styling. This translates into you wearing joggers a lot more often than you might have initially thought.

Exhibit A: The Fusion Joggers. The fabric has a much dressier look compared to your average pair of sweatpants. Yet they still retain the stylings of joggers, including stretch fabric, elastic waist, and ribbed cuffs at the hem. The result: You get the comfort of sweatpants with the feel and look of everyday chinos.

I also want to point out that joggers are an especially great style for shorter men. The taper and cinch at the ankle elongate the look of your legs, which makes you look taller.

Although you may not have though it possible, you can wear joggers with a button down - as long as the jogger fabric is smart enough too.

Jogger Sizing for Short Men

The downside of joggers from other brands is that they still don’t offer inseams for men under 5’10”. Even though joggers are typically cropped when compared to standard pants, most brands don't carry short enough inseams for men that are below average height. Good thing Under 510 does carry inseams at shorter inseams!

Ideally, you want joggers to break right above your ankle. Whereas with most pants, men want the inseam to land on the top of the foot, joggers are best worn higher up. This allows for a more modern look, and for you to show off your sneakers. Additionally, the cuffed ankle opening should not bunch at the foot or else you will get a mushroom effect that looks sloppy.

If you're having trouble finding your inseam, check out this video or our Inseam Guide.

The other area of concern is the waist. With joggers, even though the elastic waistband gives you stretch and comfort, you want to keep it too loose to make it look like you’re wearing adult diapers. Sometimes with joggers, it may be worth sizing down from your normal waist size to eliminate any extra bunching at the waist. We always recommend trying multiple sizes so you can see which suits you best. We make it easy with free returns and exchanges on all US orders.

Finding joggers that fit shorter men is hard - Under 510 now makes it easy!

How to Style Joggers Outside the House

Here’s where we break it down. We’ll give you some general guidelines to help you style your joggers for outfits that are ready to leave the house instead of ready for cookie crumbs on the couch.

The Right Jogger Material

While athleisure is definitely a viable option for venturing out of the house, it’s not necessarily appropriate for all occasions. That means sweatpants can’t always be your answer.

If you skipped right to this section and missed our previous discussion, that’s why we’re excited about the Fusion Twill Joggers They're made from a super stretchy twill that is similar in crispness and feel to a chino.

This fabric give a more structured appearance and gives the joggers a texture that looks more presentable than sweatpants for everyday wear.

The faux-fly also gives these a more real-pants kind of look, especially when the waistband is covered by your shirt, as seen in the following image.

The fabric of your joggers makes a difference. These Fusion Joggers are easier to dress up, as you can see here.

Balance out Top Layers

The taper of the leg is also something to keep in mind when you’re choosing top layers. There’s a little finessing to do to make sure you don’t do too much and throw off proportions. We want to avoid looking like we have chicken legs with too much bulk in your top half.

Stick to light layering with joggers. What’s light layering?

That means keeping it to 2, maybe 3 pieces max on top. The more you layer on top, the more you may end up looking like an overflowing ice cream cone because of that taper.

This of course is subject to your own body type, but it’s a good thing to keep in mind. You want the taper of joggers to work for you, not against you. Use the slim leg to accentuate your "V-Shape" that is masculine, slimming, and gives a taller appearance.

On the flipside, joggers make it easier than ever to style your basic tops including tees, sweaters, button-downs, and light jackets.

Layering your joggers isn't super complicated - see this denim jacket layered on top of a henley.

Long Coat Hack

If you are looking to balance out those layers because it’s a cooler day, try a longer coat to balance out the whole look. An extremely stylish and trendy look is to wear joggers which have a more relaxed vibe, with an overcoat. It makes for a really posh and sophisticated silhouette by blending the two tones of formality.

A longer coat will help accentuate the tapered legs of the jogger. The longer coat creates a visual that draws the eye downward, both elongating your look and focusing the attention of your outfit to your lower half. Overall, t’s also a great way to dress up a casual outfit.

A longer coat (but not too long) is a trendy way to style your joggers.

Dress Up your Athleisure Joggers

If you’re stuck on the athleisure look and sticking to sweatpants, don't worry; there are ways to dress them up.

It’s all in the quality of the sweats and the way you pair them with other pieces. That means picking up a pair of joggers or even a set with a matching top that doesn’t look like they were crammed at the bottom of a drawer for months.

Make sure the fit of your sweats is slim and not slouchy. Additionally, opt for a fabric that isn't flat and boring. Our Tyson joggers for example, have a slight sheen that provides depth and polish.

Next, pick a top that dresses up the sweats, like a polo shirt or henley. Add some accessories like a baseball cap, bracelets or a watch, and finish off with a topcoat. Keep the shoes clean simple, and you have an outfit that looks intentional but keeps the comfy feel of your joggers.

Elevating joggers is simple - a clean white t-shirt and some accessories are all you need!

Which Shoes to Wear with Joggers

Because of their cinched ankle and cropped length, the shoes you choose makes a strong impact on your overall look. Maybe I’m just a stickler for details, but these are my rules of thumb:

If you want to show a little ankle and keep things easy, stick to a low-top sneaker with a no-show sock. This is always clean.

If you want a high top or boot to go with your joggers, wear a high sock and make sure there’s no awkward gap between the boots, tops of your socks, and bottoms of your joggers. You don't want there to be a large space between the jogger cuff and the top of the boot. You also don't want stacking at the jogger which creates a mushroom effect.

Keep those two rules in mind, and your shoe options are endless. My only other recommendation is to skip dress shoes with your joggers.

You can see how good these clean sneakers look when paired with joggers.

Lastly, if you’re still stuck on how to style joggers, the best general guideline is to just swap it in for your regular chinos. Try an outfit that you typically wear with other pants and see how it feels. If it’s something you like, now you know you can sub in joggers with that button-down shirt or henley. Don't be afraid to play dress-up and try outfit combinations in front of the mirror.

Jogger Styling Mistakes

We’re going to wrap up with a follow-up on some of the things to avoid and some common mistakes that are made when styling joggers.

  1. Avoid joggers that are too tight. Remember, we don’t want them too loose which causes a the diaper effect, but we also don’t need to see everything. The cinch should be at the ankle and accentuate the tapered leg.
  2. Don’t stack the layers on top without balancing them. You don’t want to end up looking like an ice cream cone. If you do need layers, consider longer coats to balance out the whole outfit.
  3. Avoid ankle material bunching at the hem by the inseam being too long, and showing too much leg when it's too short. Stick to low-top sneakers or high socks and the right inseam lengths.

Avoid joggers that are too long - see how there is too much bunching on the cuff, causing a mushroom effect.

Final Thoughts

Joggers definitely have a place in your closet. Keep the styling simple and tuned to what you already wear.

The key to styling joggers correctly for outfits that leave the house is finding ones that feel like normal pants. Make sure to check out the Fusion Twill Joggers!

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