5 Tips for Short Guys to Improve Your Appearance

5 Tips for Short Guys to Improve Your Appearance

5 Tips for Short Guys to Improve Your Appearance

Here are some fundemental tips for short men to improve their looks and confidence

Most of the time, when it comes to personal image, us short guys focus on trying to make ourselves look taller - or at least as tall as possible. Totally understandable. It can be easy to focus all of our attention onto height insecurity because it is the thing that we are most aware of.

But instead, let's try looking critically at the rest of our physical attributes to see what we can do to improve. Reason being, we can't change our height, but we can change the way we look.

Without further ado, let's take a look at some tips that shorter guys can use to look great and improve confidence.

Wear Well-Fitting Clothes

The biggest fashion faux-pas isn’t breaking some TikTok trend, but rather wearing clothes that don’t fit you. As a short guy, you have some there are some things you need to pay extra attention to regarding your fit - it all starts and ends with getting the right size. If you’re not sure what your size is from Under 510, take a look at our Sizing Guide for some help.

Make sure that you’re not wearing shirts that aren’t too long. While long-lined or scallop bottomed shirts can be in style, wearing something that sits too low below your waist will exaggerate any height concerns you have. You could tailor the clothes you already have, but our shirts are already designed to fit short men perfectly.

Moreover, ill fitting pants and shorts can really create the illusion that you’re shorter than you really are. It can be difficult to find pants that are short enough sometimes. Try something with an inseam that sits right above your ankle, that has a slight taper in the leg. This can help draw attention up your body, and make you look taller than you are. We carry inseams starting at 25" so you can actually get something fresh that fits just right and doesn't require a visit to the tailor.

Well fitting clothes for short men is something that we take very seriously, and a point we’ll constantly reiterate to you. Be sure to check out these styling tips for short men.

Take Care Of Your Hair

The way you groom your hair can have a big effect on how people perceive your height. You don’t need an Elvis style pompadour to give you an extra 3 inches, but there are different styles you can try. Consider an undercut, or a fade on the sides. This can help to draw the eyes up your face. Try styles that keep your hair away from the neck. This can prevent the parts of your body from blending into each other.

Another grooming style to try and avoid is bangs. Having hair sit on your forehead draws the attention back down. Moreover, you might lose a few perceived inches.

Lastly, while hair loss can affect anyone, unfortunate cultural stereotypes can make an uphill battle with self confidence even harder for short men who struggle with it. Fortunately, there are a number of options for men dealing with hairloss. Some treatments, like topical minoxidil, can promote new hair growth while others can focus on keeping the hair you already have.

Styling your hair is an easy way for short guys to improve their self confidence.

good hair style for short men

See how this stylish 'do gives a taller impression via the fade from the sideburns to the top of the head

Smell Good

You may think that the first thing people notice about you is your height. If that’s true, you missed the opportunity to be detected before you’ve even been seen. Smell is the sense most associated with memory, so let’s take advantage of being memorable.

You don’t need to lather yourself in cologne, but wearing a little, or having a strong deodorant or even hair product can leave a lasting impression. Not only will people around you notice, smelling good can have some personal, aromatherapeutic benefits. When you smell good, you feel more presentable, confident, and happier.

Don’t worry too much about what the scent says about you; pick something you really like. You can have one signature scent, or keep a few on hand that you cater to the mood. Maybe you have something crisp for the office, and then a little more musky for the evening out.

Whatever scent you land on, the importance of smelling good cannot be understated.

A good cologne can go a long way when it comes to making a first impression

Stay In Shape

For some men, staying in shape means going to the gym every once in a while. However, staying in shape should be an important part of the grooming process.

Firstly, regular cardio and muscle training can help keep you thinner, which will make you look longer. Looking wide can accentuate any perceived stubbiness. Work on your cardio to keep excess fat off your gut, and then focus on chest and shoulder workouts to highlight the upper-parts of your body. Just don’t skip leg-day; Mighty Mouse isn’t the goal.

Exercise also will make the rest of your grooming routine easier. Cardio exercise increases your blood flow, which can help to increase hair growth and strength. Moreover, it can give you clearer skin and can help your clothes fit you better. It also has significant benefits for your mood and confidence. While regular exercise may not seem like traditional grooming, it should be an essential step for short men looking to improve their looks and confidence.

Working out is a simple tip, but one that takes willpower and motivation to pursue.

Highlight your Shave

Caring for your facial hair is an important part of grooming for short guys. Some common
beard mistakes can highlight insecurities that short men already have, so it’s important to avoid

One big mistake many men make is trimming their beard to their jawline. This brings the beard line too high, and can make your beard look too small for your face. Instead, find where the neck meets the head. Imagine a line from the bottom of your ears just above your Adam's Apple. You can easily find the midpoint by taking your first two fingers and placing them right on top of the Adam's Apple. This is your neckline, and is about how low down your beard should go.

You should also be careful not to let your beard get too long. If you love the idea of a
Dumbledore style monster, more power to you. However, be aware that hiding your neck can
make your head and body seem to melt together. This can exacerbate any stubbiness, and is
known to draw Gimli comparisons if you’re on the shorter side.

Next time you are at the barber, try asking him/her to style your beard for you!


Knowing how to groom yourself is an important step for every man. However, shorter men can have specific struggles that other men don’t. Once you’ve got your grooming down, look around Under 5’10 for some clothes specially tailored for your height.

Lastly, consider growing a mustache this year to support Movember. Your Mo’ can help men across the world in their struggles with Mental Health, Testicular And Prostate Cancer, as well as other men’s specific issues.

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